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copied from amuzah :)


Date of Birth: 25/12/88
Birthplace: kuala lumpur
Current Location: keramat cool
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: blacky da black
Height: 154+ kottt ?
Tattoos: haraammm


Color: black and whiteee
Ice-Cream Flavor: macadamia
Drink (alcoholic): juge haram . dose taw
Clothing Brand: tak kesah , janji muat
Shoe Brand: scholl besttt
Season: benci musim durian
Month: dec gak . ikut2 miza
Holiday/Festival: hari raya and christmas
Flower: national flower . bangge oh
Make-up Item: eye linerrr lah


Sunny or Rainy: sunny ; baju cepat kering
Chocolate or Vanilla: choc
Fruit or Veggie: 70% - 30%
Night or Day: night . coool
Sour or Sweet: sweet sour :)
Love or Money: cinta bley dicari . duit pon . soo due-duee lah
Phone or In Person: in person
Looks or Personality: due dueee . tp im moree to personality than looks .
Coffee or Tea: coffeee pls
First thought waking up: eh mlm td mimpi ape eh ?


Smoke: of course NOT
Drink: yeah . 8 glas sehari oke
Curse: yes . tp kekdg je . manusia mane de perfect
Shower Daily: wajib
Dance in the rain: takmo arr dance , men kejar2 bley tak ?
Sing: damn terribleee
Play an instrument: ohh no
Get along with your parents: yeahh yeahh
Wish on stars: no
Believe in fate: yeah
Believe in love at first sight: yessss
Can You Drive: yes . auto je bley . manual sucks
Sew: sikit2 jeee .
Cook: yeah a lil bit .
Speak another language: ye , tapi still bangge dengan bahasa ibunda
Dance: nvr . nak belajar bleyy ?
Sing: jgn tanye lah .
Touch your nose with your tongue: impossible dowww

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