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Full Name: Nur Atiqah Zakaria *tqa zack*
Birthday: 25 . 12 . 1988
Where are you From: Malaysia . ahah :P
Where are you At: Hostel , Blok C304 *promote promote*
Age: sepatutnye 21 (da bley pi mengundi . yeayy !)
Gender: Female
Height: 154 cm


What is the Name of Your School: SMK Tun Perak , Jasin , Melaka
Grade Your In: form 5
Graduating Year: 2005
Favorite Period: seni .
Most Hated Period: sejarah laa *gile bosan* .
Favorite Staff Member: abg bwk van sekolah . hahahhh .
Most Hated Staff Member: tak baik benci benci .
Sports: takley men sports , asthma .
Club: PPIM *org kuat*
Locker Number: loker kat hostel
Anything You Like About School: nooonee
Anything You Hate About School: the rules


Band: dulu BSB , skang random .
Month: December laaa bai
Holiday: winter
Weather: rainy
Way To Travel: by Plane
Food: mom's cook
Song: currently ; check yes juliet & love story
Restaurant: takde
Sport: none
Animal: Cats
Way To Live: -
Past Time: chatting

Have You Ever

Lived a Dream: No
Made A Path: Yess
Blindly Believed: Yes
Wished on the Stars: nope
Been Broken: Yess
Acted Fake: Yess
Been Pushed to the Edge: Yes
Overcome Odds: Yes
Settled: No
Seen Death: Yes
Asked God For Help: Yess
Broken The Law: Yess
Been Somebody's Hero: haha .
Tasted Greatness: Yes
Changed The World: wth ?

Take It Straight

Are You Going To Do Great Things One Day: hurmm maybe . we'll see
Will You Be Famous: yeah IF i kawen ngan MAWI laa . aww :)
Can The World Handle You: dun think so
Do You Live With "No Regrets": No !
Do You Have Dreams: of course
God In Your Life: Yess
What Do you Hate More Than Anything: backstabber
What Controls You: my soul
Who Is Your Hero: my father
Where Do "Gays" Belong: no idea
Skipping School: once
Have You Been All You Can: No !
When Your Alone what Can you Hear: nothing
To Dance Is: to be happy . haha . wth
Pet Peave: ape tuuh ?
"The Plan": hurmmmmmmmmm ... adelaa
Do You Watch It Bleed or Do You Bandage It Up: watch it bleed je , bandage nahh
Music Does What To You: heal my soul . sgt poyos
Night or Day: Night , boley titoo
The Best Part of Your Life: Having my great family
Say It To The Person You Hate Most: I hate you , but I like you . miahaha
When The End Comes, What's it Look Like: dunno

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K0_E said...

weh, tag ni pnjg giler kot...
xsanggup aku weh... hahahaha....

Tqa Zack said...

alaaaaa , takyah la buat koee
aku pasrah

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